Get a Better Night's Sleep in Henderson with Sleep Apnea Appliances

sleep apnea appliances hendersonA solid night of sound sleep is important; so important that our overall health and ability to function effectively during the day depends on it.   But when your normal breathing pattern is disrupted during sleep, it’s not unusual for health to deteriorate.  
Many people suffer from snoring.  It happens when the soft tissues of your throat narrow, causing vibration as air passes through.  This restriction in air flow can not only prevent you and those in your household from getting a good night's sleep, but studies are finding that snoring can have a negative impact on your total body health due to sleep apnea. At Green Valley Dental Center in Henderson, we offer sleep apnea appliances to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Our Dentist in Henderson Offers Sleep Apnea Appliances to Help You Sleep Easy

If you or a family member is aware of a snoring problem, a custom sleep apnea appliance can be made in Henderson at Green Valley Dental Center to help reduce or eliminate your snoring woes. With these appliances that resemble an athletic mouth piece, is a small oral appliance worn during sleep to reduce snoring by moving the jaw forward and preventing the tongue from closing off the air passage. With your air passage open and unobstructed, snoring is greatly reduced which results in a quiet, restful sleep for you and the members of your household.
Remember, snoring and sleep apnea are not just a social nuisance.  They can be a serious health risk.
If you suspect that you or a member of your household suffers from snoring or sleep apnea, the first step is to see a specialist. At Green Valley Dental Center, our Henderson dentist can evaluate your symptoms, provide a proper diagnosis, refer you to a sleep disorder specialist if needed and recommend a treatment plan for your specific condition.
Don’t be one of many people who don’t take action to solve their snoring problem.  Your snoring may be linked to a very serious health condition known as sleep apnea.  Our dentist can provide the best treatment plan for your snoring problems to help you and your loved ones enjoy a good night’s sleep once and for all.