How Teeth Whitening Can Renew Your Smile

How Can I Look Younger?

Teeth Whitening Can Renew Your Smile

Do you remember when you were in your twenties? Your teeth were white, shiny, and your smile dazzled everyone. As we age, our tooth teeth whiteningenamel becomes thinner and more transparent. In addition, the dentin, the layer underneath the enamel, becomes darker, so teeth will look darker and more yellow as time goes on.

There are many over-the-counter whitening products including toothpastes, mouth rinses, and whitening strips. Many of these only remove stains on the surface of teeth. These stains are often caused by coffee, smoking and red wine. Some of these products also have abrasive agents, which can damage tooth enamel.

The dentists at Green Valley Dental Center in Henderson, Nevada, have a more permanent solution to help whiten and brighten your smile. Drs. Brad Wilbur and Emily Ishkanian can help to lighten dull, aging teeth. They can offer various, more permanent solutions to take away what the years have done to your teeth.

Types of bleaching can include:

Chairside bleaching-a process of applying bleach to the teeth and utilizing a light or laser system to increase the effect of the bleach

Bleaching at home-a custom tray is made to fit your teeth exactly. You will be given a whitening agent containing peroxide which you place inside the trays. You will then wear these trays at home for a short period specified by your dentist.

Individual results of bleaching will vary, and occasionally, patients may experience some tooth sensitivity, but this is usually temporary. Fluoride applied to the teeth can help with the sensitivity.

Drs. Wilbur and Ishkanian at the Green Valley Dental Center in Henderson will be happy to discuss possible bleaching options with you. You owe it to yourself to look your very best, and a teeth whitening treatment can certainly help. Stop in at Green Valley Dental Center for a consultation. Get on your way to looking younger today!