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By Green Valley Dental Center
August 01, 2018
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Root canals are performed when the pulp or nerve of the tooth becomes infected and inflamed due to decay or an injury to the tooth. Dr. root canalBrad Wilbur and Dr. Emily Ishkanian of Green Valley Dental Center, which is located in Henderson, NV, offer a complete range of dental services. Here are five signs you may need a root canal.

1. You have a toothache.

A severe toothache can be a sign of an infected tooth in need of a root canal. If you need a root canal, you may feel severe pain upon chewing or application of pressure. Some individuals fear root canals because they assume they're very painful. The discomfort experienced in the time leading up to seeking root canal treatment is painful, not the procedure. 

2. Your gums are swollen.

Gum inflammation around the tooth is a sign that you may need a root canal. Swollen gums is associated with infection, although it doesn't always mean an infection is present. The gum inflammation can range from being mild to pronounced. If you need a root canal, the gum swelling will disappear after treatment. 

3. Hot and cold bother you.

Hot and cold sensitivity can be a sign that your tooth requires a root canal. Tooth sensitivity causes pain when the tooth is exposed to hot and cold temperatures. After root canal treatment, your tooth will no longer be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures because the pulp has been removed. 

4. You have a darkened tooth.

One discolored or darkened tooth can be a sign that your tooth requires a root canal. When the roots of the tooth have died, the tooth may turn dark yellow, brown, black, or gray. Tooth discoloration is also related to severe dental decay or trauma, so seeing your dentist for a checkup is recommended.

5. You have a bump on your gum.

A soft, pimple-like bump on your gum is a sign that your tooth requires root canal therapy. This bump may go away and then come back. The bump is a sign that there is an infection and your body is draining it out through the pimple. Your dentist can treat this by performing a root canal. 

If you need a root canal, why wait? We can help you today! CaLL Green Valley Dental Center at 702-896-8933 today to schedule an appointment in Henderson, NV. Root canal treatment will eliminate your pain and help you get back to a healthy and happy life.