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By Green Valley Dental Center
January 22, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

When you smile broadly, what do people notice? Hopefully, they see your white, even teeth. However, with some individuals, what shows cosmetic dentistryfirst is uneven or excessive amounts of gum tissue--what the American Academy of Periodontology calls a "gummy smile." Can this smile defect be treated? In Henderson, NV, your Green Valley Dental Center dentists, Dr. Brad Wilbur and Dr. Emily Ishkanian, understand the aesthetics of gum tissue and how to help patients who have too much or too little.

Gums outside the norm

Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder as the old adage goes, and it applies to what smile components make you look and feel attractive. White, even teeth surely are one component of a winning smile. So is dental alignment. But what about your gum tissue?

In their experience, Dr. Wilbur and Dr. Ishkanian find that tooth length and the amount of gum tissue which shows should be balanced by smile width and height. Additionally, because gum tissue nourishes and helps to anchor your teeth, it needs to be adequately sized and healthy. Too little tissue leaves roots exposed and too much poses a risk for infection and teeth that look unnaturally short.

People have differences in gum length for a variety of reasons. Commonly, they include:

  • An upper lip that simply rises too high when the person smiles
  • Improper eruption of teeth (they don't come far enough into the mouth)
  • Brushing too aggressively (which pushes gums back)
  • Heredity (gummy smiles run in families)

Treating the gums

Most gum grafting (gingivoplasty) or gum removal (gingivectomy) procedures can be done right in the treatment chair at Green Valley Dental Center. For instance, a gingivectomy, or crown lengthening, involves removing a small amount of tissue from selected teeth. For this treatment, topical or local anesthetic usually is sufficient.

Alternatively, your dentist in Henderson may suggest a completely different cosmetic treatment to change the appearance of your uneven gums. Called porcelain veneers, these dental laminates cover the front side of selected teeth, improving aesthetic defects such as tooth length. This is a minimally invasive way to make teeth look longer and gum tissue more appropriately sized.

Get your best smile

You can with a consultation at Green Valley Dental Center in Henderson, NV. Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums and suggest ways to balance their appearance. Contact the office for an appointment, won't you? Phone (702) 896-8933.

By Green Valley Dental Center
February 03, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: veneers   cosmetic dentistry  

What your dentists in Henderson, NV, want you to knowveneers

Do you want a younger-looking smile? Do you have teeth that are cracked or chipped from overuse or aging? If you answered yes to these questions, you should discover the magic of porcelain veneers! This state-of-the-art procedure can give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Porcelain veneers are one of the most versatile dental treatments and can fix many cosmetic issues with your teeth. Your dentists at Green Valley Dental Center in Henderson, NV, want to share their knowledge of the benefits of veneers.

Porcelain veneers are thin sheaths of translucent porcelain, custom-made to fit over the front surfaces of your teeth perfectly. They reflect light just like your natural teeth, giving you a naturally beautiful smile.

The benefits of porcelain veneers are substantial and include:

  • Cosmetically whitening your smile permanently
  • Making excessively worn teeth whole again
  • Cosmetically closing small gaps between your teeth
  • Cosmetically straightening slightly overlapped teeth
  • Cosmetically repairing broken or cracked teeth

When you choose porcelain veneers, you have chosen a cosmetic treatment that is both strong and beautiful. Veneers are also conservative because your dentists in Henderson remove very little tooth structure, just enough to accommodate the thickness of the veneers. Porcelain veneers are also stain-resistant because of the materials used, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Your new porcelain veneers will require between two and three appointments to complete; a consultation appointment, a tooth preparation appointment and a final cementation appointment. Your porcelain veneers are created using exact measurements and color-matching in a dental laboratory, so that they fit perfectly and blend perfectly with your smile.

If your smile is less than you deserve, it’s time to discover the benefits of porcelain veneers. You can achieve a smile to be proud of. You can enjoy smiling again, thanks to porcelain veneers! To discover what porcelain veneers can do for you, call your dentists at Green Valley Dental Center in Henderson, NV. Find out more by calling today!

By Green Valley Dental Center
October 13, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out the pros and cons to different whitening systems and discover which one is right for you.

When it comes to getting a whiter smile there are so many different ways to do it. You can try do-it-yourself whitening remedies and teeth whiteningmixes that you find on Pinterest, or you can use whitening toothpastes on a daily basis. But if you are truly looking to make dental stains vanish quickly then isn’t it time you turned to our Henderson and Green Valley, NV dentists, Dr. Brad Wilbur and Dr. Emily Ishkanian, for whitening treatment? Discover which whitening option is the best one for your needs.

Why choose over-the-counter whitening?

One of the main reasons may people choose to get commercial whitening products over professional methods is the price. While professional teeth whitening is certainly a fair bit pricier the results are worth it; however, for people who aren’t looking to spend much on their cosmetic dentistry they may find that OTC whitening products work just fine for what they need.

Another reason people may turn to this at-home method is because it doesn’t require visiting their Henderson and Green Valley general dentist. With people maintaining busy lives it can be challenging just to schedule your six-month cleaning let alone a special trip for cosmetic dentistry.

Why choose professional teeth whitening?

Of course, if you aren’t really strapped financially or if coming to our office is no big deal, then professional teeth whitening is certainly superior. No other system can get smiles several shades whiter in just one visit. If you want to get rid of surface stains and yellowing then you’ve come to the right place.

Here in our office our whitening gel has the highest concentration of whitening ingredients possible to achieve amazing results in a short amount of time. If you need to whiten your smile before a big date or job interview, then professional in-office teeth whitening is your best option.

Green Valley Dental Center is here to provide a full array of dental services to the Henderson and Green Valley, NV area. If you want to get professional teeth whitening or if you are ready to consider other cosmetic dentistry then it’s time to book your next consultation with us.

For those people who have dark or grey teeth, we are proud to work with KOR bleach company. Their system of bleaching has far surpassed any other technique I have seen in over thirty-five years of dentistry. Several parts of their bleach technique are unrivaled in the industry. When we order bleach from them, it arrives in a refrigerated package. Testing has found that bleach loses potency as the material is heated; imagine the harm when sitting in a UPS truck in a Las Vegas summer!! KOR's technique of making bleach trays is also unrivaled. If you REALLY would like your teeth lightened, ask us about KOR.