General & Preventive Dentistry in Henderson, NV

Improve Your Oral Health at Green Valley Dental Center

The best way to protect your oral health is through prevention. At Green Valley Dental Center, our general and preventive dentistry services are designed to protect your teeth and prevent potential complications in the future. That way, we can make sure your smile stays looking, feeling, and performing at its best.  

Our Henderson, NV, family dentist, Dr. Leeor Dadon-Harris, provides high-quality general dental care to patients in Boulder City, Spring Valley, and surrounding Clark County areas. Read on to learn how we can help you achieve the healthy, sparkling smile you deserve.

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What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry treatments are designed to support and protect your oral health. Our Henderson dentist can detect, diagnose, and treat various dental issues before they become serious enough to require invasive measures. To keep your oral health in check, we recommend you visit our dentist once every six months for bi-annual dental cleanings and exams.

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Our General & Preventive Dental Services

Dental Cleanings & Exams

Regular teeth cleanings and exams are fundamental to maintaining a healthy smile. Even patients who brush their teeth twice a day may still experience lingering plaque and tartar. This harmful bacteria is only removable with professional dental tools. We’ll also check your teeth and gums for any signs of underlying oral health problems that might not be noticeable to the naked eye. If we detect any signs or issues, Dr. Dadon-Harris will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to get your oral health back on track.

Root Canal Therapy

If a cavity or dental infection has reached the inside of your tooth, a root canal treatment may be the only way to preserve it. This painless procedure allows our dentist to remove infected dental pulp, stopping the problem at its source. Best of all, Dr. Dadon-Harris will restore your tooth with a dental filling or a beautiful, custom-made crown following root canal therapy. These restorations will strengthen your tooth and protect it from further harm or bacteria. 

Tooth Extractions

In cases of irreparable damage or severe decay, our general dentist may have to perform a tooth extraction for the good of your oral health. This quick, painless process can be completed in one visit and is only recommended if all other options are deemed to be ineffective. Dr. Dadon-Harris will discuss your tooth replacement options at your initial consultation to keep your smile complete and looking beautiful. We perform both simple and surgical extractions for your convenience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To best maintain your oral health, it’s recommended that you brush twice daily, floss daily, and rinse with mouthwash between meals. In addition, visiting the dental professionals at Green Valley Dental Center for biannual appointments helps your smile look and feel its best.

Other ways you can improve your oral health include:

  • Limiting sugary and acidic foods
  • Eating tooth-healthy foods
  • Avoiding frequent snacking
  • Avoiding tobacco products 
  • Using oral care products that contain fluoride

The American Dental Association recommends patients visit the dentist twice a year, or once every six months. Even if you take exceptional care of your teeth at home, lingering plaque and harmful bacteria can put your health at risk. Hardened tartar can only be removed using professional dental tools, which is why regular dental visits are so important. 

At your regular dental visit, your Henderson general dentist will perform a thorough evaluation of your teeth. Afterward, one of our skilled hygienists will clean your teeth, removing all traces of plaque and tartar. This will lower your risk of cavities and decay while leaving your smile refreshed.

During her evaluation, Dr. Dadon-Harris will check for signs of underlying problems like gum disease. If she detects any issues, she’ll work to determine the best course treatment to meet your unique oral health needs.

Support Your Healthy Smile With Our Henderson Dentist

At Green Valley Dental Center, Dr. Dadon-Harris and our team are here to help patients enjoy and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles. Visiting our Henderson, NV office twice a year is a great way to preserve your stunning smile and maintain good oral health.

Schedule an appointment today by calling our office at (702) 896-8933. You can also fill out our contact form to book your visit online. We look forward to meeting you!