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Not only does tooth loss take a toll on your self-confidence, but it can also lead to further dental complications if left untreated. At Green Valley Dental Center, Dr. Leeor Dadon-Harris has the ideal solution for your tooth loss needs with our various denture solutions in Henderson, NC. Whether you’re missing a few or a full arch of teeth, our restorative dentist can help. Discover how we’ve helped countless patients in Spring Valley, Paradise, and Boulder City restore their healthy smiles.

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patient holding dentureWhat Are Dentures?

Dentures are custom-made appliances that replace some or all of your teeth. Whether you’re missing teeth due to dental trauma or an oral health condition, dentures can help you regain your ability to enjoy your favorite meals and smile with confidence. Dr. Dadon-Harris will design your restoration to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth for a natural-looking and comfortable tooth loss restoration. 

Types of Dentures at Green Valley Dental Center

Partial Dentures

Patients missing a few teeth may benefit the most from partial dentures. This denture option prevents remaining teeth from shifting out of place and gives you the appearance of a full smile. Consisting of strategically-placed clasps and sleek metal framework, these prosthetic teeth are a much more affordable dental restoration than individual dental implants

Complete Dentures

Also known as full dentures, complete dentures are what most patients envision when they think of this dental restoration. This traditional solution to replacing entire arches of teeth sits comfortably and snugly onto your gums. Our Henderson dentist will ensure your dentures look as natural as possible so you can regain your confidence and functional smile. 

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant dentures are permanent solutions for patients missing most or all of their teeth. Attached to implant posts, this denture will never slide or shift out of place and can be cared for like natural teeth. Additionally, implant-retained dentures are the only denture solution that can actively prevent jawbone deterioration. 

The Dentures Process

Unlike other restorative dental treatments, receiving customized dentures is a simple process. Dr. Dadon-Harris will begin by evaluating your teeth, gums, and jaw to determine which denture solution best suits your needs. She’ll then take an impression of your teeth for the dental lab to use as blueprints in creating your dentures. 

If you choose to receive implant dentures, our dentist will place the implants during this time. You’ll need to wait about three to six months to receive your final restoration as the implant fixtures bond with your jawbone. 

Once we receive your denture appliance or after you heal from implant surgery, you’ll return to our Henderson, NC office for a final fitting appointment. Dr. Dadon-Harris will place or attach your dentures and ensure a sturdy, comfortable fit. After making the necessary adjustments, you’re free to leave our office and showcase your new smile!

Caring for Dentures

Caring for your denture appliance is one of the best ways to ensure it remains in peak condition for years to come. To get the most out of your denture, it’s best to:

  • Brush twice daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Floss once daily
  • Soak your removable dentures overnight in denture solution
  • Store your dentures in a protective container when not in use or soaking
  • Visit Dr. Dadon-Harris twice a year for routine dental checkups

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance typically covers a portion of the denture cost. Contact your dental insurance provider to learn more about the benefits your plan entitles you to. You can also ask your dentist if their office features financing plans to help cover out-of-pocket expenses.

No, you shouldn’t sleep with your removable dentures in. It’s best to remove your dentures before bed and allow them to soak overnight. This helps eliminate unhealthy bacteria and prevents pressure on your gums and jaw as you sleep. Sleeping with removable dentures can cause complications like inflamed gums, impacted saliva production, and even accelerated jawbone loss. 

After tooth extraction, wait at least six to eight weeks before being fitted for dentures to give your gums the time to recover. This time also allows for any swelling or discomfort to fade. Ask your dentist at your follow-up appointment if dentures are right for you, and they’ll perform a thorough evaluation of your teeth and gums. 

With proper care, your removable dentures can last around five to 10 years. Implant dentures last a lifetime, though you may need to replace the prosthetic teeth after about 10 years. To keep your dentures looking and functioning their best, practice daily oral hygiene maintenance and visit your dentist every six months for routine checkups. 

Reclaim Your Healthy, Functional Smile At Green Valley Dental Center

Dr. Dadon-Harris and the Green Valley Dental Center Team are here to help transform your smile and your life. With dentures, you can regain the confidence and ability to eat the foods you love and speak with clarity. Discover which denture solution is ideal for you by scheduling a consultation today.

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