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Tooth loss isn’t just about appearances — it can bring dental complications if left unattended. At Green Valley Dental Center, Dr. Leeor Dadon-Harris offers tailored dentures in Henderson, NC, addressing various tooth loss needs and restoring smiles and confidence. Call (702) 896-8933 to learn more or start your tooth restoration journey.

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What Are Dentures?

Dentures are custom-made dental appliances designed to replace missing teeth, offering restoration in both functionality and aesthetics. They enable individuals to enjoy their favorite foods and smile confidently, tailored to seamlessly blend with existing teeth. 

This tooth restoration appliance integrates with the natural structure of your oral cavity. Dentures allow for the confidence that comes from having a complete, vibrant smile again.


Types of Dentures

Partial Dentures

Tailored for those with a few missing teeth, partial dentures offer a practical remedy. Partials play a pivotal role in preventing the shifting of remaining teeth, maintaining oral alignment, and providing an economically feasible alternative to individual dental implants. Crafted with precision, these prosthetic or artificial teeth contribute to a full and radiant smile.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures provide comfort and reassurance. These traditional dentures are designed to snugly fit onto the gum line, ensuring stability while reviving a natural appearance. With a primary focus on restoring confidence and functionality, full dentures empower individuals to embrace life without inhibitions.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Exemplifying innovation and permanence, fixed implant-supported dentures represent the pinnacle of dental advancements. These dentures are securely affixed to dental implant posts, ensuring unparalleled stability, akin to natural teeth. 

Beyond offering stability, dental implants combat jawbone deterioration, preserving the oral structure and maintaining facial aesthetics. an implant-supported denture offers several benefits over traditional dentures, so consult with Dr. Dadon-Harris to learn more.

Benefits of Dentures

There are many benefits of choosing dentures to replace missing teeth, such as:

  • Restored Functionality and Confidence: Dentures restore the ability to chew favorite foods comfortably, speak clearly, and confidently engage in social interactions. By filling the gaps left by missing teeth, dentures offer a renewed sense of functionality and confidence.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics and Natural Appearance: Dentures fit snugly to replicate the natural look of teeth, restoring a radiant and complete smile. 
  • Improved Oral Health and Preventing Further Issues: By preventing teeth from shifting and maintaining proper alignment, dentures mitigate the risk of gum disease and jaw joint problems. Dentures also aid in preserving the structural integrity of the facial bones, preventing potential sagging and supporting overall oral health.
  • Versatile and Customizable Solutions: Dentures’ versatility ensures that individuals have tailored solutions based on their unique needs, whether it’s a few missing teeth or an entire dental arch.

Candidacy for Dentures

smiling womanDetermining eligibility for dentures involves an evaluation by a dental professional. Common factors contributing to candidacy include:

  • Extent of Tooth Loss: Dentures are suitable for those missing multiple or all teeth.
  • Oral Health Condition: Good oral health, along with healthy gums, is favorable for denture placement.
  • Bone Density: Adequate jawbone structure is essential, especially for implant-supported dentures.
  • Patient’s Preferences: Understanding the patient’s lifestyle and preferences helps in recommending the most suitable type of denture.

A thorough consultation with Dr. Dadon-Harris assesses candidacy based on individual oral health and personal preferences. This ensures the selection of the most appropriate denture solution for each patient’s unique situation.

The Denture Fitting Process

Initial Evaluation and Consultation

Dr. Leeor Dadon-Harris begins the denture fitting process by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health. During the initial consultation, she assesses the condition of your teeth, gums, and jaw structure to determine the most suitable denture solution for your specific needs.


Following the evaluation, precise impressions of your oral cavity are taken. These impressions serve as detailed blueprints to craft custom conventional dentures that fit comfortably and seamlessly with your existing oral anatomy.

Customization and Fabrication

Utilizing the impressions, the dental lab crafts your personalized dentures. Dr. Dadon-Harris ensures meticulous customization of the final denture, focusing on the aesthetics and functionality of the dentures to mimic natural teeth and provide optimal comfort.

Fitting Appointment

Once the dentures are ready, you return to our Henderson office for the fitting appointment. During this visit, Dr. Dadon-Harris meticulously places or attaches the dentures, ensuring a snug, stable fit. She makes necessary adjustments to guarantee comfort and functionality.

Final Adjustments and Instructions

Dr. Dadon-Harris provides instructions on proper denture care and maintenance. Any final adjustments to ensure an optimal fit and comfort are made at this stage. You’ll receive guidance on daily care practices and what to expect during the initial period of wearing your new dentures.

Follow-up and Ongoing Care

patient shaking dentist's handRegular follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor the fit and functionality of the dentures. These appointments allow for any necessary adjustments and ensure your continued comfort and satisfaction with your dentures.

Caring for Dentures

Proper and complete denture care plays a pivotal role in preserving the quality and longevity of dentures, ensuring both their functionality and the overall oral health of an individual. Here’s a comprehensive guide to effective denture care:

    • Brushing Dentures: Gently brush all surfaces of the dentures, including the gums, tongue, and palate, to eliminate bacteria and prevent stains.
    • Soaking Removable Dentures: Overnight soaking in a denture solution helps in effectively cleansing and disinfecting dentures, keeping them hygienic.
    • Handling Dentures with Care: Handle dentures with care to prevent damage. Avoid bending the clasps or applying excessive force during cleaning.
    • Gum and Mouth Care: After removing dentures, gently massage and clean the gums using a soft-bristled brush or a damp cloth.
    • Regular Dental Checkups: Schedule biannual visits to Dr. Leeor Dadon-Harris for professional cleaning, examination, and adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance coverage for dentures varies depending on the specific insurance plan. Some dental insurance policies cover a portion of the cost of dentures, while others may offer full or limited coverage. Consult your insurance provider or dental office staff to understand the extent of coverage your plan offers for dentures.

While it’s possible to sleep with dentures, it’s recommended to remove them at night. Allowing your gums and oral tissues to rest without the constant pressure of dentures can promote oral health. Regular removal and cleaning of dentures also help in preventing potential complications and maintaining oral hygiene.

The timeline for getting dentures after a tooth extraction varies based on individual healing. Immediate dentures can be fitted immediately after tooth extraction. However, a healing period of several weeks to a few months might be necessary before permanent dentures can be placed.

The longevity of dental implants and dentures can vary based on factors such as maintenance, wear, and individual oral health. On average, dentures typically last between five to seven years. However, regular check-ups and proper care, including cleaning and adjustments, can extend their lifespan.

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