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Get Your Smile Back Faster With Immediate Dentures

At Green Valley Dental Center, Dr. Leeor Dadon-Harris and our team understand that losing teeth can be a difficult and stressful experience. That’s why our Henderson, NV, dentist offers custom dentures, tailored to meet your oral health needs and smile goals. With immediate dentures, your smile can be restored in just one appointment to our dental practice. 

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What Are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures, also known as same-day dentures, are a type of dental prosthesis designed to replace missing teeth immediately after extraction. These dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth and provide a temporary set of teeth while your gums and bone tissue heal and adjust to the extraction process. 

An immediate denture can be a convenient option for those who want to avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of being without teeth during the healing period. They also offer cosmetic benefits, as you can maintain your smile and facial structure while waiting for your permanent dentures to be made. Once your mouth has fully healed, your immediate dentures will be replaced with permanent dentures custom-made to fit your mouth.

Benefits of Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures offer several benefits over traditional dentures, including:

  • Immediate restoration of your appearance and speech: Immediate dentures can be placed immediately after tooth extraction, allowing you to maintain your appearance and speech during the healing period.
  • Protection of remaining teeth and preservation of jawbone: These dentures can help protect the remaining teeth and preserve bone tissue by acting as a bandage over the extraction site.
  • Cost-effective: They’re often more cost-effective than traditional dentures, as they require fewer appointments and adjustments.
  • Minimal healing period: With immediate dentures, there’s no need to wait several weeks or months for the gums and bone tissue to heal before the denture is placed.
  • Increased comfort: Immediate dentures can help reduce discomfort and pain associated with tooth extraction, as they act as a bandage over the extraction site.
  • Better fit: They’re created using impressions taken before tooth extraction, which allows for a more accurate and customized fit than traditional dentures.

The Immediate Denture Process

Most patients will experience the following when receiving immediate dentures:

  1. Initial Exam: Our dentist will start by examining your oral health to determine if immediate dentures are best. He’ll examine your teeth, and gums, and take X-rays and impressions of your mouth.
  2. Preparing for the Procedure: Your procedure date will be scheduled once it’s determined that immediate dentures are the best option. On the day of your procedure, make sure you have arrangements for getting home safely, as you may not be able to drive home. Plan to eat soft foods for a few days while your gums heal.
  3. Tooth Extractions: Our dentist will extract any teeth that need removing before placing your dentures. Tooth extraction may be done with dental sedation or local anesthesia depending on your preferences or the extent of the extractions. 
  4. Denture Fitting: Once your remaining teeth have been extracted, our dentist will take another set of impressions and use them to create custom dentures. Your temporary dentures will be placed in your mouth, allowing you to leave the dental office with a full set of teeth. 
  5. Final Restoration: Your permanent denture will be created and you’ll return to practice once they’re ready. Adjustments will be made as needed to ensure they fit comfortably in your mouth.

Do You Qualify for Immediate Dentures?

smiling womanThe following factors will be taken into consideration when determining your candidacy for immediate dentures:

  • Reason for Tooth Loss: Immediate dentures are typically used for patients who have lost their teeth due to trauma, decay, periodontal disease, or other reasons and wish to have replacement teeth immediately.
  • Remaining Teeth: They’re especially common for people who only have a few remaining natural teeth that are in poor health and require extraction.
  • Esthetic and Functional Concerns: Individuals concerned about being seen without teeth or who need to maintain chewing function for dietary or professional reasons might opt for immediate dentures.
  • Bone and Gum Health: The condition of the underlying bone and gums will be a factor. While immediate dentures can be placed after extractions, long-term success depends on healthy gums and jawbone to support the denture.
  • Financial Considerations: Immediate dentures might be more expensive initially because of the immediate fabrication and the subsequent adjustments needed. However, for some people, the convenience and aesthetic benefits outweigh the cost.
  • Age: While age isn’t necessarily a direct factor, younger individuals may heal faster, which might impact the timing of adjustments. Conversely, older individuals might have additional considerations, such as bone resorption or systemic health concerns, that could influence the decision.

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Cost of Immediate Dentures

Patients can expect to spend between $600 to $1,000 for one standard arch or $1,200 and $2,000 for a full set of immediate dentures. However, certain factors will influence the total cost of your first permanent set of dentures, including:

  • Materials: The type of materials used for the denture, such as the quality of the acrylic or other materials, can affect the cost. Higher-quality materials may be more expensive.
  • Dental Insurance: If you have dental insurance, it may cover a portion of the cost of immediate dentures. Be sure to check your policy for details.
  • Additional Procedures: Sometimes, additional procedures may be necessary, such as tooth extractions, gum treatments, or adjustments to the permanent denture. These can add to the overall cost.
  • Follow-Up Appointments: After receiving your immediate denture set, you may need follow-up appointments for adjustments, which could incur additional costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

As with any dental procedure or oral surgery, there are some risks associated with immediate dentures. These include infection, irritation of the gums, and difficulty adjusting to wearing the dentures. However, your dentist can help minimize these risks and provide guidance on how to care for your dentures.

Your dentist can help determine if an immediate denture is a good option based on your needs and goals. They’ll assess your oral health and discuss your treatment options with you, including alternative treatments such as partial dentures, complete dentures, or dental implants.

Immediate dentures may feel uncomfortable at first, as your mouth adjusts to the shape of the new prosthesis. However, your dentist can make adjustments to ensure they fit properly and are comfortable.

Smile Freely With Immediate Dentures

With an experienced and caring dentist, the latest technology, and a commitment to patient satisfaction, Dr. Dadon-Harris can help you get the smile you want. Whether you need immediate dentures due to multiple extractions or simply want to avoid the discomfort of being without teeth, Green Valley Dental Center can provide a comfortable and effective solution. 

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